Monday, April 10, 2006

Judgement Day

For every athlete, it happens at one time or another. Its what seperates the good from the great, the great from the legendary. It is that one moment that will always associate itself with that player. It can make them or break them, but one thing is certain: it will define them.

For Ricky Williams, that day is today.

Ricky meets with league officials today in an attempt to overturn his fourth drug-related suspension in his career. If he fails, he's suspended for a year. If he succeeds, he hits paydirt. Considering Ricky owes the 'Fins over 8 million dollars, I'm sure he's giving this all the seriousness it deserves.

We aren't sure about Ricky, but if we had a meeting with $8 mil riding on it, we'd be a little tense. The key is to find a way to unwind, to relax. Do a little yoga, squeeze a stress reliever, light up a J. Just do something. If you just sit and think about it, you'll go nuts.

Ricky's agent said that Ricky's test was a "false-positive," that some other drug caused Ricky to fail his test (we're going to play it conservative and rule out steriods, considering he looked like he rolled in off the beach and into training camp last season).

Now, far be it from us to presume that an agent is lying for his client, but let's face the facts. Ricky is a pothead. That's all there is to it. You are who you are, and Ricky likes the herb. Fine. He can wrap it up in any life style he wants and say he's changed until he's blue in the face (which you can see through all those little holes in his patchy beard). Makes no difference. Ricky gets high. It's what he does. If he wins his meeting, he'll celebrate with a nice, fat blunt, probably rolled in one of the hundred dollar bills he owes the Dolphins, and then go have a urine replacment procedure, like Omar Gooding on Playmakers..

Now, Ricky might pull this off, but even if he does, something tells me it isn't the last time you will hear weed and Ricky Williams in the same sentece. Just a gut feeling.

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