Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Flash Catchin' a Little Air...

Wow. Positively Jordanesque.

(And by the way, this series is over.)

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Skip Bayless, I Am Not

I was thinking about the "You're not invited to my party" list, and it got me thinking. That's pretty negative, ya know?

I mean, it's a good idea, I'm pretty sure, because anytime you watch a sporting event you are invariably yelling at the TV because some idiot can't catch a pass or some announcer is babbling incoherently about something that had nothing to do with anything or is so biased you can't even watch a game in peace (cough, cough..Vitale!..cough, cough).

The last thing I want to turn into is Skip Bayless, who couldn't find the good in the second coming of Christ, let alone Tom Brady's clutch play or LeBron's glorious debut. "Honestly? All that bright light? Got in my eyes, and I think I have a mild sunburn. And the angels playing harps? So last millenium. Get with it, JC. We're going to stay positive - for the most part...or at least make an effort - around here at Point 23.

Thus, I give you "The Cool Lunch Table," the exact opposite of the hit list that is "You're Not Invited to My Party." Here's where the coolest, funniest, most clutch, admirable figures of the sporting world all hang out.

So send in your submissions, and I'll take care of the rest. Good times, good times.

And dear God, keep the Skip Bayless comparisons as far away from here as possible.

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