Friday, May 04, 2007

I Saw It, But I Don't Believe It

I just watched the Warriors knock off the Mavs, and I really can't believe it. I mean, I saw it and everything, but it just hasn't registered. I think maybe if it was a close series it would make more sense, but the Warriors just had their way with the Mavs.

It wasn't even close. Did it look to anyone else like the Mavs weren't even trying? Pass, pass, jack bad shot, make a minimal effort to get back on defense, give up three or lay up or commit foul, go back to the other end, watch Dirk pretend to want the ball, jack bad shot, make minimal effort to get back in transition. It was just bizarre.

And I get that the Warriors aren't exactly a traditional number one seed, but cripes. They whooped their ass.

The Mavs quit, didn't they? They just stopped trying. Between the tanking this season, the Mavs quitting, the Lakers quitting in a game against the Suns...the NBA is looking at a competition problem.

And I can think of no more time than to completely over react: can the Warriors win it all? They handled the best team in the regular season with ease; it stands to reason they can beat anyone. I'll tell you what: Warriors vs. Suns in the conference finals might produce the first game ever with a combined 400 points.

People I am happy for:

B. Diddy. He played like an absolute force of nature and did it with such joy. He makes me hate living on the East Coast.

Jason Richardson. I always liked J Rich for some reason I could never put my finger on.

Don Nelson. Now he just needs to win that $6.6 million court case...

Mark Cuban. Good for you. This is why you don't act like an persecuted, arrogant know-it-all who can do no wrong: because when you get humiliated in the worst possible way on a national stage, it is that much worse. Raise your hand if you feel one iota of remorse for Cubes? Thought so.

People I am sad for:

Man, he just had a meltdown. There is no other word for it. He is going to get hammered with criticism, and rightly so, but I just feel bad for the dude. Sucks when the light shines brightest on you and you completely shrink from the moment. He is going to have one of the longest off-season's ever.

Jerry Stackhouse. UNC alum, first and foremost. But more than anyone else he didn't play like he wanted nothing to do with the situation.

Avery Johnson. I don't know if he was really out-smarted by his mentor, but either way, that will wear on his psyche for a while, I'd think. From all accounts, no coach works harder than him. You can never cheer against the hardest worker in a business, any business.

Where do the Mavs go from here? Do you blow up a team that won more games than anyone else in the L? Or do you try to bounce back with a group that is responsible for the greatest failure in the history of the NBA post season?

Long, long off season in Dallas. I can't wait to see Mark Cuban do something he regrets (and shaving that goatee wouldn't be it).

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