Monday, April 10, 2006

Cory Sullivan goes down in history

Cory Sullivan of the Colorado Rockies hit two triples in the same inning last night against the San Diego Padres. First time its been done in over 50 years. Cory has to be stoked he got his name in the record books in one of the most unexpected ways possible.

Sullivan's feat was one of those random, exciting, cool little things it would be great to brag to your buddies that you saw in person. So, if you were at a baseball game, what random thing would you most like to see?

Obviously, things like perfect games or four home runs in a game rarely happen, and are usually reserved for super star level players, although not always. What we're talking about are random plays that could happen to anyone - and that's usually the way it goes down. The player doesn't really "achieve" them, it just seems to happen to them. Anyways, which one would you most want to see live?

What random event would you want to see live at an MLB game?
Two triples in one inning
An unassisted triple play
An inside-the-park home run
Someone steal home.
Some one hit for the cycle
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Jonny said...

Did you see the Gonzaga first basemen turn 2 triple plays in consecutive innings? Thought it fit in this kind of "it just happened to me" category.

JTyler said...

I am not sure if it matters what level of play the survey depends on, but for my money, the most exciting play in baseball is the little league inside the park home run by the fattest kid on the team. Where else can you see 15 errors in about 2 minutes? It happens every year on every team. The Fattest kid, on my team it was my cousin Meatball, he was 4'10 180 (I still think he is that size) hits a harmless grounder to short and then all hell breaks loose. The shortstop overthrows first, the Fat Kid rounds for second with suppressing quickness thanks to the sugar high from sitting on the bench for the first three innings consuming pop rocks and pixie sticks. The first basemen instinctively throws it to second because its the fat kid and he's only about half way. You think 'Oh Shit' its going be a rundown (second most exciting play in Little League). The ball goes sailing into left field, the fat kid rounds for third, flying like the games over and he's hitting the concession stand for his free bubble um, nachos, and warm Dr. Pepper. The parents and coaches are now screaming, one side 'go' and the other side 'Eat It'. You know have the added thrill of is the Fat Kid gonna pass out, is his heart gonna explode. His mother is running from left field with his inhaler. The 9 year old left fielder, who hasn't been paying any attention guns the ball home. The Fat kids, legs churning like their in quicksand, rounds for home. The ball bounces at about the pitchers mound, skips pass the catcher. The Fat Kid starts his Petey about four steps too far out. You had to do a Petey into home because leg first just wasn't cool enough. The petey is more of a belly flop, so the fat kid ends up crawling the last foot to the plate, narrowly beating the tag from a diving catcher. The whole place erupts. Go to a Little League Game and just sit and wait for the fat kid. That's my favorite play in baseball.