Friday, November 10, 2006

Tonight in the Assocation

I need NBA League Pass. I can't even fathom what it would be like to have an NBA game to watch every night. I just really wish I had it. That's all. Here's some picks.

Seattle at Charlotte (-1.0)
Charlotte. If Charlotte does nothing in the FA/Draft depts. for the next five years, and just lets Felton/May/Wallace/Morrison grow together, they could be pretty good right? Or do they need a go-to type guy? Is this a younger version of Chicago? Maybe? I think they could be really, really good if the just stew for a few years.

Orlando at Indiana (-4.5)
Indiana. Three Pacers have permits to carry concealed weapons. Guess who they are?

Atlanta at Toronto (-4.5)
Atlanta. Joe Johnson is on a mission to prove he deserves to be included in "Our Family." So far, so good.

Milwaukee at Washington (-6.0)

Denver at Philadelphia (-3.0)
Denver. I'm not giving up on Denver. They're too good to bail on this early.

Utah (-4.0) at Boston
Utah. Can we trade Paul Pierce to someone who doesn't suck? I like watching him play, and it would be cool to see him on TV every once and a while. Plus, he has the sweetest pull up moves ever: Dribble once with the left hand, then slighty palm it like he's about to start a crossover, then wap - he's into his shot. He's releasing the ball before you realized he wasn't going to dribble again. And Boston's wasting it.

Miami at New Jersey (-4.5)
New Jersey. This seems like a great game for Miami to say, "Eh. Whatever." I think they're due for one of those, which is kind of like saying I think TO's due to drop a pass.

New York at Houston (-4.5)
Houston. This semi-decent record the Knicks are cobbling together just isn't working. We need to get a 10, 15 game losing streak going. C'mon, Houston: do us all a favor.

New Orleans (-2.5) at Portland
Portland. What's Zacn Randolph's motivation? Is he in a contract year or something? Is he betting on his own team?

Detroit at LA Lakers (-4.5)
LA Lakers. This west coast trip aint going so well for the Pistons it it? It says here it only gets worse.

(Oh, the Pacers that are strapped: Jamaal Tinsley, Marquis Daniels and, of course, Stephen Jackson.)

Yesterday: 2-1. Season: 26-23-1.

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