Thursday, April 13, 2006

Turns out, Tang is the bitch

We were a little concerned for our manhood yesterday after we learned that a 10-year old absolutely smoked us. Course, it was in bowling, but still. A 10-year old shouldn't be able to beat us at anything, except maybe bowls of cereal eaten or action figures collected. But nothing that matters.

Turns out, we came across a 9-year old who makes the little bowler look like the 10-year old that he really is.

Rafita Mirabel, a 9-year old from Mexico, routinely
fights bulls. Let that sink in. A NINE YEAR OLD IS FIGHTING BULLS. I mean, granted, they aren't full grown bulls and he doesn't kill them, but still. The bull is really trying to win. He, like, you know, hit the kid with his horns and stuff. Good God. We already went into our less than accomplished athletic prowess when we were 10; there's nothing to say about this that will make us feel better at all.

Even now, when a squirrel jumps out from behind a bush, we jump back a little (Shh, don't tell anyone that). And if a dog is really losing its mind, we aren't opposed to crossing the street. And this kid is fighting bulls. We really can't express how impressed we are. Wonder if we could beat him up? Bet he would whoop our ass. Man.

At least he makes Tang look like a pretty boy.

But Tang makes us look like pretty boys. We're really having a rough week.

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