Monday, November 06, 2006

Tonight in the Association

Took Sunday off - as long as the NFL is in full swing, that's gonna be the pattern.

Onto the picks...

Washington at Orlando (-3.0)
Orlando. Good to see Gilbert got his stroke back. But Orlando has to have a little pride after losing to the Hawks, right?

Oh: Is JJ Redick hurt? Is he playing? I don't feel like looking it up, but I want to know, so can someone who knows just tell me?

San Antonio (-6.5) at New York
San Antonio. They can't set this line high enough.

Milwaukee at Chicago (-6.0)
Chicago. Freakin' Bulls. I don't know. Depends if they are making their jumpers. I hope they do tonight.

Golden State at Dallas (-10.0)
Dallas. Hey Dirk? Let's get the Mavs off the snide, eh?

Detroit at Utah (-5.0)
Detroit. Utah wins, but the Pistons keep it close. Free Sheed!

Minnesota at Sacramento (-4.5)
Sacramento. Kevin Martin drops 35. Mark it down.

Portland at LA Clippers (-11.5)
Portland. Brandon Roy continues his ROY campaign.

Saturday: 4-4-1. Season: 12-11-1.

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