Friday, April 07, 2006

Favre making costly the field this time

Brett Favre is taking his sweet time deciding whether or not he wants to retire. It's a tough decision, especially for someone who has invested themselves so deeply into the game for as long as Brett has. Still, the feet-dragging has gotten a little out of hand, especially since anyone with a TV show or a column has decided to blast him for it.

Hey, maybe Favre has earned the right to drag his feet a little. Who's given the franchise more during his tenure? Say what you will about what he's doing, but if anyone has earned the right, it's him.

There is plenty of evidence to despise Favre for what he is doing to the Packers. He needs to make his plans clear, so the Pack can make preparations either way for the upcoming season. Last season, he ripped Javon Walker for holding out, and now he is in effect doing the same thing. When pressed on the issue, Favre said he would continue to take his time. His exact words? "What are they gonna do, cut me?"

Sounds like a couple of dick moves to us. But really, when you think about it...does it even matter? Say Favre screws over the Packers and retires a month from now. What changes?

They don't get to sign a "veteran" quarterback to run the show for a while. Who are they going to get, anyway, Joey Harrington? Plus, it's not like they are going to draft a QB. Worst-case scenario: Aaron Rodgers has to play on opening day and the remainder of the season. Why is this bad? Honestly, could he do worse than Favre last season? Could he throw more than 29 picks? Could his atrocious decision making cost the Packers some more games? Could he lead them to less than four wins? (Well, I suppose he could, but it would hardly matter.)

The bottom line is, it doesn't matter who is playing quarterback for the Packers, they are still going to suck. Their D is atrocious, their running back situation is going downhill and fast (anyone who owned Ahman Green on a fantasy team knows exactly where that career is headed and Samkon Gado...well, that was fun last year, but he was a fourth-string RB for a reason) and their best wide receiver wants out. Tom Brady would have a hell of a time leading this team, let alone Favre.

Favre's biggest hangup is that he wants to play for a "winner." Well, I hate to break it to him this late in his decision making process, but this is the same team that won just a single division game last season.

By the way, Favre's skills have eroded so quickly over the years, I'm not even sure the Packers want him back, but they have to be polite and wait Favre out. Honestly, would you want someone who has a good chance of throwing over 30 picks in one season QB'ing your squad? His vision is still there, but his arm strength is zapped. He's been forcing throws since the beginning of his career, but now that he has Chad Pennington's arm, he just can't squeeze those same throws in there anymore. That 40-yard bomb throwing across your body into double coverage, Brett? Might wanna hang that one up. But that's just me talking.

The thing is, Packer Fan isn't even worried about this. Why? Is he ultra-confident Brett will return? Is he so brainwashed into adoring anything the man does? Nah. He just knows they are going to suck next year, regardless who's under center.

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