Thursday, April 26, 2007

Do the Mock Drafters Have Any Idea What They Are Talking About?

Well, we are about to find out.

Kiper and McShay, obviously, are all over ESPN, so I gather that they are the two preeminent mock drafters there is. Peter King is probably the most read football writer on the planet, and he is always yapping about how good Rick Gosselin is (and I read about his mock-awesomeness in a
Slate article - why hasn't anyone scooped him up yet?). That mock drafter on the end is a moron; just ignore whatever he says.

These guys are the voice of reason heading into the draft, but no one ever holds them accountable after the fact. It is high time for someone to do just that, and who better than an obscure sports blog? Exactly.

We'll grade this a few ways:

1. How many picks do you get right? Now, it's hard to account for trades, so here's what we are going to do. It took me forever to put all those little helmets in this table, so if you match the player to the helmet, you get a point.

Mel says the Raiders are nabbing JaMarcus Russell with the first pick. If someone jumps up to No. 1 and grabs Russell, Mel gets no points, even though he did say JaMarcus was going No. 1. Player has to match the helmet. (If you had to click the same five buttons in a row 32 straight times; you'd agree with me.)

2. Number of picks in the first round. This kind of protects against trades and what not and tries to gauge whether these guys know who the top 32 picks are.

And there we have it. I'll fill in the most up-to-date mock draft I can find from each mock drafter before the draft starts. I may or may not update it in real time, but we'll see after the draft who did the best.

Full disclosure: I highly suspect Mel is full of shit, I have no idea what to expect from new kid on the block McShay, I don't even know if Peter King does a mock draft, but if it is as useful as his fantasy predictions, I can't wait (!) and I bet Gosselin gets 30 out of 32.

If I didn't include your favorite mock drafter, let me know, link me to his latest mock draft, and I'll add him to the list.

Who do you think will do the best? Will anyone even come close to doing well?

Kiper, Jr.

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