Thursday, January 25, 2007

Told You So.

A couple of days ago, Deadspin mentioned in it's Leftovers section that only one blogger in the entire blogosphere was able to correctly forecast this season's Super Bowl match up: Dan Shanoff was, apparently, the only blogger able to foresee the Bears meeting up with the Colts for XLI. Look, here's the proof.

While props are certainly do to Mr. Shanoff, I, unlike Obie Trice, need to toot my own horn here (because I have to): Back at the beginning of September, I predicted the Bears and Colts would be meeting in Miami. The whole entry is pretty surreal; it was an NFL Preview, and here's how it started:

Before the start of every season in the National Football League, I seem to make one sweet prediction. Granted, that one sweet prediction comes amongst about 30 or 40 inane ones, but I still get that one. So here's 40 or so odd things that most certainly will not pan out, but I guarantee one of these will be a real gem. A diamond in the rough, if you will. Your job is to find it.
That...that is just unreal. The rest of the entry is absurd, of course; it's like one of those commercials on the NFL Network where the guy is like "of course I didn't draft Drew Brees.."
Just listen to some of this stuff: "Everything seems to be falling in line for the Dolphins, doesn't it?" "I will say this: Larry Johnson is overrated! Yea, I said it..." "Shaun Alexander is cracking 2 grand on the ground and gettin 30 TDs. Mark him down. Right now. Do it."

What a train wreck. But at least I warned you going in, and there was that one dead-on prediction: "Super Bowl: Bears 2, Colts 0. Print it." I don't have any other reason for brining this to your attention other than my own ego gratification (I didn't even remember I made this prediction until I saw that Shanoff was the only one who got it right, wondered who I had picked, and looked it up).

So, yea. I was right.

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