Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tonight in the Association

Let's try something a little ambitious, shall we? Like, oh say...picking every NBA game for the rest of the season. Sounds like something fun. Sounds like something I'll never be able to keep up. But hey, if I was scared of starting things that would ultimately end in failure, I wouldn't have attended college now would I?

We have two games on tap tonight in The Association. Let's get to it.

San Antonio at Dallas (-3.0)
Man, the NBA is smart, scheduling all these match ups for last season's post season. That said, I think we have a little revenge on our hands here. I'll take the Spurs and the points, thank you very much.

Denver at Los Angeles Clippers (-3.0)
Sam Cassell is the only player in the league smart enough to post up Earl Boykins. That said, Melo seems super-determined this season, doesn't he? I think he gets the Nugs off to a good start this season. Nugs by 5 on the road.

EDIT: If anyone wants to get in on this with me, let me know in the comments. Week by week winner, a season long winner, first one to 21, whatever. Wanna throw a little cash down - whatever makes you nervous - I'm in. Just let me know.

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xfactor said...

The X does anything that involves gambling.

Kevin Conlon said...

I would like to get on this as well, i sit in front of a computer all day with nothing to do, lets make it interesting