Sunday, July 09, 2006

This...This Is No Good.

I am so flippin' bored.

There is no time of year is more boring on the sports calendar than right now, and - quite frankly - it isn't even debatable.

Think about it. What the hell is there to do right now, sports-wise? Not a damn thing, that's what. I finally get access to Insider, and its basically useless. (By the way, am I a better person now that I have Insider? I sure feel like one. I think I'll have more friends and be more popular...) There is nothing going on.

The NBA is over, and has been for some time. Hoops Withdrawal this season is even worse since we're coming off The Greatest Post Season I Can Remember and we are on the brink of A New Golden Age in the League. Plus the draft is over, and most of the free agents have signed....all I have to look forward to now is the Bonzi Wells signing and the AI trade thats never going to happen. Yipee.

The NFL is still a couple of weeks away from training camp...the actual season might never even take place. All there is to do right now is watch "6 Days 'til Sunday" on the NFL Network (hell of a show, hell of a show) and tweak my fantasy draft board for the 80th time.

College football? College hoops? I wish.

Thank God for the World Cup. If it hadn't been going on, I don't know what I would have done the last couple of weeks. Now that it's over...well...that's just not good.

Basically, I'm stuck with baseball. Which is OK, I guess...but, ya know...just not the same. Baseball is the equivaent of having Vince Carter on your team. He's fun and you know some crazy shit is going to happen every so often, but if he's the focal point of your offense, you're in trouble. Same thing with baseball. Yea, it can be good..but not as the centerpiece of the sporting world. At least not until the playoffs, anyways.

I can't believe I'm stuck with baseball. I can't believe what these means. I have to get a job.


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Anonymous said...

I don't know if I am emphasizing your point even more or helping you out...but the WNBA is still in season.

Zero said...

c'mon t, you know what season it is....

its wedding season