Friday, May 05, 2006

Who Had May 3 in the Office Pool?

Barry Bonds got drilled in the head with a baseball during batting practice. So how's the ball? Ba-zing!

Couple of thoughts here:

1) This makes me happy, so: yay!

2) It took this long for Barry to get drilled in that noggin? I didn't even think he wore a batting helmet at this point; his skull is like a slab of concrete with a bedsheet barely spread over it. It's well established 'roids make your head swell up, but does your skull get real thick or does it stretch itself out? Does it get real thin, like a newborns? Or does the skull actually get thicker? I need to know this.

(This brings up the age old question: Would you rather have a head the size of a watermelon or an orange? I used to think watermelon was the way to go, but if it measn you get hit in the head all the time, I may have to reconsider.)

3) After he got hit, he layed on the ground for like 10 minutes. Remember when Canseco got hit on the head with a fly ball? That thing was hit from like 400 feet away, surely that hurt more than a ball that was slowed up by the batting cage net? And isn't it kinda funny Canseco and Bonds got hit in the head? (I think the baseball know who is on the juice, and they don't like it. Good for them.)

4) Why does he need days off? What is he so tired from? Jogging to first three times a day? Chasing down a pair of fly balls? If the Giants play a night game followed by a day game, he takes the day game off. Why?!?! I can see resting for an injury or something, but it seems like he's just too tired to play two games in less than 24 hours. How bad of shape do you have to be in to not be able to do that? I really don't get this. Somone explain it to me.

But hey, Bonds got drilled in the head. Good day, good day.

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Anonymous said...

i think I would prefer an orange head.