Friday, May 05, 2006

Is LeBron Great or are the Wizards Morons? Whole 'Lotta Both.

Alright, Bron Bron. You're starting to get silly.

LeBron's second game winner of the series was a ridiculous display of balance and body control. He got put in probably the worst spot on the court and somehow tight roped his way down the baseline before hitting a twisting, contorted layup at the buzzer. And yea, he got a layup, but there isn't a long list of guys in the NBA who could pull off that drive and that finish.

He made an incredible play look easy. The question is, Why did it look so easy? Because Bronny is that good, or because the, Wizards' D is that bad? A little of both, methinks. But more Bronny being half-diety.

The Wiznutts are atrocious defensively; no one is arguing that. There was a ball screen in the third quarter, I think, at the three point line and Gilbert Arenas went under it - all the way to the charge circle. That's not even an exaggeration: he was literally standing by the charge circle. I'm pretty sure it was the worst defended ball screen I've ever seen (except for this one time I didn't see a ball screen and spun around twice before I could find my man, who was already running back down the court after mkaing an uncontested layup by the time I located him. Bad times for me.). You could put together a lowlight reel on how to play horrendous defense.

And on LeBron's last shot, they ran three guys at him - who all decided it was best to just get the hell out of the man's way. Jamison actually threw his hands up in the air. UNBELIEVABLE.
And then Arenas - the fourth guy to "challenge" (and I am using that term as loosely as possible) him - completely avoided him. And Gilbert only had four fouls, too. Is it that bad of an idea to, oh, I don't know, make LeBron earn it at the free throw line? Make two shots from 15 feet away with the game on the line instead of a lay up? I think it has some merit. One man's opinion.

And then (I'm running out of italics here) Jamison inbounds it to Arenas, who heaves an airball up from three-quarters court. Um, Antawn? You know that in the NBA if you call a time out, they let you take the ball out in your own front court? Then you get to try to shoot from pretty close to the basket. It's kinda neat, actually. I'm not even kidding! It's true, I looked it up. Actually, I saw someone do it before...who was it...oh! It was the Cavs on the play they just scored on. I suppose you can't put that entirely on Antawn. A coach may or may not have TO responsibilites; not sure how they work it on the Wiz. They might wanna go over that for Game 6, though. Again, one man's opinion.

But as bad as the Wiz screwed up, the Cavs didn't exactly have the game plan of the century, either. Mike Brown is known for having a playbook slightly thicker than the Cleveland telephone book, and that's the play he draws up? "Alright guys, here's what were gonna do. LeBron, you run right to the corner. It's the easiest place to get trapped, so that's perfect. They are going to run their entire team at you, so we'll give them two extra defenders in the sideline and the baseline. We don't want you anywhere near the wing though, where you can see defenders coming at you and have the option to go either right or left, LeBron, so make sure you catch it as deep in the corner as possible. OK, Cavs on three - one, two - what? No good?"

So both coaches did their best to screw it up, and Eddie Jordan won. Congratulations.

And Caron Butler: make fun of LeBron's Chalk in the Air routine some more. I think it's a good idea. Do it every play. It's really worked out well so far. And Gilbert - make fun of the whole "we are all witnesses" thing. Because you know what? You aren't funny and you are a witness.

How stupid are the Wizards? The openly taunt arguably the best player in the game - certainly the best player in the series - who then promptly shreds them all series, draining buzzer beater after buzzer beater on a poorly designed play that they are too stupid to guard. I can't wait to see what they have lined up for Game 6.

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