Monday, April 24, 2006

Real quick...

Some quick thoughts after each playoff series has gone one game...

Spurs up 1-0 on Kings. Artest is really good at doing and saying exactly the opposite of what he should, isn't he? Makes you wonder, if he is really, really stupid...or, well...he has to be stupid? He cost the Kings any chance in this series.

Phoenix up 1-0 on Lakers. Ah, Kobe? What the hell was that? All season long, in every single game, you jack and jack and jack, regardless of circumstances. Now, in the playoffs, you decide maybe its best to pass and distribute? How confused was everyone on your team? Did you tell them you were gonna do this before the game? We understand that you thought that was the best strategy, that you were trying to take advantage of the Suns defensive strategy...but still, man. C'mon. Ya dance with who brung ya.

Clips up 1-0 on Nugs. This just sets the stage for more Melo-drama...

Mavs up 1-0 on Grizz. Mavs are OK. Yep. Defintely a four-seed. Mhmm.

Pistons up 1-0 on Bucks. Fact that may interest only me: Andrew Bogut is the only rook starting in the playoffs. In three more games, that stat will read: No rookies starting in playoffs.

Heat up 1-0 on Bulls. Two thoughts: 1) How cool was the White Out the Heat orchestrated? The entire stands in all white? Maybe in college, but in the pros? They desereved to win that game. 2) Did Ben Gordon look really small to anyone else? He's listed at 6'3" but...he just looked so small out there. Course, he was torching the Heat, but he just looked like a little pinball.

Pacers up 1-0 on Nets. Vince Carter is so tough. He kept going strong to the rim, over and over, despite repeated beating every time he drove. Wait, what's that? He avoided contact at all costs every single time he drove? Then made whiny faces when he didn't get calls? Oh. And how bout Jermaine O'Neal's left-handed dunk after the drop step? And Krstic...what are you crying about? It may have been ticky-tack, but you grabbed his jersey! Why did you do that? Why would you grab his jersey? We, also, "could not believe."

Cavs up 1-0 on Zards. The future began two days ago....if you weren't aware, you are now.

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