Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Spurs Need to Lose the Next Two Games By A Lot of Points

Fuck the Spurs.

I apologize for saying the fuck word. Really, I do. I try not to say that word too much, and I think I have been doing a pretty good job of it lately, but seriously: fuck the Spurs.

They Spurs are such collective d-bags that they have somehow managed to rub off on Robert Horry. Big Shot Rob! C'mon, San Antonio, leave the man alone! Him and Michael Finley were the only guys I liked on that team, and now I can't even shake my head in amazement for Big Shot Rob after his ridiculous cheap shot on Steve Nash that might end up getting Amare and Diaw suspended for Game 5. (What a trade off, eh? Rob for STAT and Diaw? SA has to be geeked right now.)

San Antonio should be a
n eminently likable team. If your team is knocked out of the playoffs, or you are a casual fan with no vested interest, San Antonio should be a team that you can latch onto during the post season and just appreciate good basketball.

They play terrific team basketball. They play well together, pass the ball crisply, play great defense. Individually, they have the best pivot in the NBA, a fast point guard who loves nothing more than flying into the paint, a herky-jerky sixth man who has some of the most creative finishes in the NBA and a cast of unselfish veterans who do nothing but hit clutch shots.

They easily pass the eye ball test. You can just
look at them and tell they are a good team playing a high-level of basketball. People should like them. I should like them.

But fuck them.

From top
to bottom, 1-12, they are uncontrollable whiners. No call goes uncomplained about, no missed call escapes the team's raised eyebrows. Seriously: every friggin' call. They are relentless about it. But you know this.

The worst part about it is that each player on the team each has a specific role they have mastered to piss everyone off to maximum capacity. They really have perfected the art of annoying the freakin' hell out of anyone who watches them play.

Tim Duncan has perfected the art of complaining after every call. Every single call. By now, it is such a commonplace occurrence that you barely even notice it. Whistle. Foul on Duncan. Duncan holds up arms in sheer bewilderment. Opponent goes to the line. Repeat. And the thing is, Duncan gets away with murder. Outside of D Wade and maybe LeBron, no one gets protected more than Duncan. No one.

One of my favorite Seinfeld lines was George's advice to Jerry when he had to lie on a polygraph: "
Remember - it's not really a lie if you believe it." Duncan has to have himself convinced that he is impervious to fouls. They just don't happen to him, so any whistle blown against him is clearly wrong. Needless to say, that act is infuriating.

And that thing where he hugs the ball is just grating to me. It is like scratching your nails on a chalkboard while biting into a popsicle with your two front teeth. Freakin' unbearable.

Then there is Manu. He has the whole "Who me?!?!" routine down pretty well - he has a way to go before he is in Duncan's league, though - but he throws a severe case of flopping on top of it. The dude just throws his body all over the place, initiating contact and then going down like a sniper hit him at the smallest amount of contact. Actually, if he was actually touched when he went down, I could live with that, but dude drops to the court for no reason whatsoever.

And he gets calls! There was a play the other night when he drove, missed, gestured at the ref the way Europeans do (you know, with the upturned palm and the raised shoulder), took a step down the court
and then the whistle blew. Unreal. I don't know how he does it; the man is more persistent than Craig Sager.

Tony Parker has somehow managed to make me say "My God, another close up of Eva Longoria? Can we please get her off the screen!" I never thought that could happen, and I hate him for it.

But the worst - by far - is Bruce Bowen. Hands down, the dirtiest player in the NBA. I loved the whole "Is Bruce Bowen dirty?" debate with no one in the national media having the stones to call him out and skirting around the whole issue.
Well, he plays really tough...he walks that fine line...if he is, he always gets away with it...he is crafty...now let's talk about how good the Spurs are at defense. What a joke. The man is a despicable prick on the basketball court who is effective in part because dudes are just flat out scared to even jump around him. There is a laundry list of superstars who have called him out on it, too. Not only is he dirty, but he puts other players careers on the line on a regular basis. It doesn't get any more despicable than that.
And now Big Shot Rob. What the hell, San Antonio, what the hell.

If San Antonio would just embrace their role as assholes, I think I'd be a little more inclined not to hate them as much. Kind of like Mayweather. Yea, he was an over the top prick, but at least he knew he was being one and begged someone to call him on it. It made you think twice about cheering against him. That type of self awareness, realizing that you have to be an asshole to get the most out of your competitiveness, while maybe not commendable, is at least intriguing.

But San Antonio insists on this whole "What? Us? What did we ever do!" bullshit that drives everyone crazy. Well, me at least. So, until they embrace their inner-Mayweather: fuck the Spurs.

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twins15 said...

Your points are right... they whine early and often. I'm not sure the Suns (or most teams) are really any better though. If D'Antono feels the calls aren't going his way he'll stomp and stomp on the sideline, and even after that when he does get a call (like at the end of Game 3 when they showed him putting his arms up in the air and said "Why bother?"). Even Nash is whining more this series. Top to bottom it's not nearly as outward as the Spurs (and they are the worst), I just think everyone's pretty bad at doing this.

point 23 said...

Yea, you are right, every team does bitch...and in the playoffs, it is only going to get worse...the Spurs just have an annoying knack for getting under my skin. I wish I could put my finger on why they in particular drive me so crazy...I think it all starts with Bowen. Man, do I hate that guy as a basketball player.

It's Byer said...

First off, call me about tonight. I'm in the D and would love to make an appearance.

Second of all, I agree with what your saying about the Spurs except for the fact that I have a soft spot in my heart for Manu.

Third of all, I would be writing this on my own blog if I wasn't at home.

Finally, the whole point to this. The thing that is getting lost in all this is fight talk is Nash's Oscar-worthy performance. Horry put a big shoulder into him and he goes flying, but before landing he catches himself and lands softly. Then he flails his arms out to say "Ahhh, I'm so hurt." Lays there for point 2 seconds and then springs up faster than a 12 year old watching an adult film. I mean, watch that again. He doesn't just slowly crawl up, he shoots up ready to brawl. I think he waited long enough for Horry to be far away and then shot up like he wanted to bang out. I love and appreciate the way Nash plays as much as the next guy and it wasn't the right play by Horry. But damn Steve. Don't lay there like you just got sat on by DonkeyLips and then shoot up 2 seconds later ready to throw a haymaker.

Shaq can't shoot free throws.

Deron Williams is a monster.

If you switched Amare (who along with Shawn Marion should be in the dictionary under the word "puss") and Dwight Howard how would these teams differ?

point 23 said...


You are dead on about Nash...he really played that shit up. I think he was playing it up long enough to get Horry tossed and once that was accomplished (or once he had some back up) he was all ready to go. I can't believe this bullshit is going to cost the Suns Game 5. This might end up being the most clutch thing Robert Horry has ever done.

I'm sure you were wathing this game while rocking your Manu Argentina jersey...do you spontaneously collapse for no reason when you were that thing? I'd be careful...

How the hell does Shaq miss two out of three with a chance to soak Ernie Kenny and Chuck! That might have been the greatest moment ever on Inside the NBA and the Big Analyst (who sounded like a third grader doing a book report) blew it. Unforgivable, really.

And oh yea: finally!

Jefrey said...

where are you and am i not aloud to come tonight and hang out or what

kilcs said...

byer needs to get back into the blogging business on the reg. dead on with some great references...particularly about a 12 yr old. great shit

amare and diaw out for game 5. that sucks

grittysquirrels said...

This is beautiful. I feel absolutely 100% the same way. Ducan is heralded as such a good guy and such a timid and quiet superstar, which he is. But people forget what a crybaby he is.

Also, it's one thing to play physical it's another thing to play dirty. Bowen's game seems to be catching on with the rest of the gang.

One Spur I do like: Tony Parker.....he has Eva.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Spurs are going to win again. Call them what you want, but you can't deny that they win and the Cavs lose. So, ha ha.