Thursday, May 31, 2007

Live Blog: Cavs vs. Pistons, Eastern Conference Finals, Game 5

Some questions heading into tonight's game...

Can LeBron do it on the road? He was unreal in Cleveland, but his performances in Detroit have been lackluster. Something clicked, though, in Cleveland. I think we are in good hands.

Where is his help coming from? It is almost expected that Boobie Gibson is going to play well...who else will step up? I'm saying 17 from Sasha.

Will Chauncey play well? I think him and Rip are both going to have good games, but I think the Detroit bigs will struggle. I don't know why.

Was this one of the funniest things I've ever read? From Simmons basketball blog, but ironically, not from Simmons himself:

I thoroughly enjoyed this e-mail from Rob in Kailua, Hawaii: "I've been noticing that during the Detroit-Cleveland series Gooden and Rasheed get into arguments or little scuffles at least 2-3 times a game. Is there a history there? My theory is that Gooden's little patch of hair on his neck used to be the little patch of hair missing from Rasheed's head. Drew must have won some epic battle and now wears that patch as a medal of honor. That's the only logical explanation for such a ridiculous hairdo right?"
That is something I wish I had thought of; I'm jealous. I LOL'd on that one. I also like that epic battles that are rewarded with medals of honor are quite commonplace in Hawaii.

Alright, let's get to the game. As always, see you after the jump.

What a lucky break that the Eastern Conference Finals ends up on TNT. I hope this thing goes 7 for just that reason. Did ESPN outbid TNT for this? Was this a conscious decision on their part? Either way, it worked out; the Western Conference Finals was excruciating while the Eastern Conference finals have only been mildly antagonizing. Nice work, TNT.

Reggie in the booth, which is fine, I guess. But why does TNT need to screw with the Big 3?

TNT opens with "Go Getter" which is awesome because I am guessing whoever greenlighted that idea has no idea what "trap" means. (It means selling drugs, doesn't it?)

Cleveland opens by throwing the ball into Big Z, which they do every single damn time. And as pointed out astutely by Steve Kerr, it never works. Ever. This is like a running team opening up a game by giving it to its RB for a one yard loss even though the entire stadium knows it coming. Except the Cavs have no intention of ever, ever going to Z with any type of consistency.

Uh oh, Detroit: the Cavs post LeBron up and he hits a fallaway J over Prince. If LeBron is hitting jumpers, forget about it. Game ova.
#4 said...
i think the biggest x-factor in this game is Prince. If he plays well (the little things, steals, oboards, big shots during a run) the pistons team will play better as a whole, giving chauncey a chance to get out of his josh robinson v. the juniata eagles choke performance. however, in both piston wins, prince scored a combined 9 points. this is just a gut feeling...

go bron!
Prince's biggest contribution will come on the defensive end, making Bron Bron work. And Susquehanna sucks (full disclosure: #4 is a college teammate of mine...there may be an inside reference or two. Just so you know.) But yes, Go Bron!

Larry Hughes with back to back threes! Who the hell saw that coming? As long as the floor is being spread though, the Cavs are in business. Doesn't matter where it comes from.

The score is tied at 7, but I don't know how because a flood has been been declared and the National Weather Service saw fit to black out the game for a minute to let me know, yet there is not a drop of rain outside. Thank you for nothing, Weather Service.

Chauncey is killing it: hitting a three, getting to the rim, finding people. He killed it in the first half in Game 4, though. Let's see it in the second half, Mr Big Shot. 13-12, Detroit.

Pizza is here. Back after the break.

Detroit is up 19-14...what happened? I ran to get a pizza (there's a place 29 steps from my front door; I counted...not good, not good).
matt said...
I think Reggie is getting a lot better, sorta fitting in even. He was awkward as hell at first, but now he doesn't seem to mind getting laughed at so much. Or at least he hides it better.
Oh, yea: Reggie is good; I like him - he's not Magic, that's for sure. I just don't get why such a successful show has a "more the merrier" mentality. Those three are perfect. I wish they'd just let it be.
#4 said...
whenever a commentator says gravy twice in 10 seconds without any mention of Thanksgiving dinner, i am embarrased for him
Anytime Stu Scott talks, I am embarrassed for him. Yes, that was an unprovoked shot at Stu Scott. But more importantly: mmmmmm, gravy.

Bron drains a pull up in transition; love to see him hitting the J. Its only gonna make the drive that much more effective.

Chauncey comes off a ball screen and throws himself into the defender stepping out. That's a bullshit call. Flopping has become an epidemic in the NBA and that's one of the biggest areas where it has taken off. I freakin' hate that call.

Sleepy Marshall misses a three and Rip sneaks out in transition for an easy deuce. Second time he's done that. 24-19, just under three left in the first. Cavs need a little run.

Oh, he got that off! LeBron has a pretty baseline shot waved off because of an alleged shot clock violation. Very close. Mike Brown reacted thusly:

Hunter drives and finds, the Pistons are shredding the Cavs perimeter defense. Hunter follows up a nice play by blowing a transition layup. Thanks for evening that out, Linds.

Ah, Mike Brown musta read some Point 23. Chauncey is out, so he brings in Damon Jones who thanks his coach by drilling a corner three.

Oh! McDyess drills Varejao as he is going up for a lay up and Bron Bron flips out. He ran from sideline to sideline (actually hopping over Varajao, who was still laying prone on the floor; I love Bron's priorities: screw helping up my teammate laying on the floor, let's chest bump the guy who did it!) and tried to get to McDyess. Who knows if he was really gonna do anything, but still, LOVE the emotion. He got a tech for his troubles, but completely worth it. Anything that shows LeBron is fired up is a good thing.

Wow: the refs throw McDyess out. It was a tough hit, but jeez, an ejection? I dunno about that, but I'll take it. The good news: Weber will get more time. The bad news: so will Jason Maxiell.

Bron might be a little too fired up: he airballs a three and the crowd loves it.

I HATE the "DeeeeTROIT! Baaaas-ket-BAAAALL!" guy. Hate him. As far as I am concerned, he's an absolute asshole for starting that shit. He should be fined and/or beaten.

29-23 after a chippy first half. Back after the break. 'Preciate the comments; keep 'em coming.

What're your thoughts on this new Heineken mini-keg thing? What's in there, like a six pack? Is that really worth it? And what a freakin' scumbag that guy is for taking the dudes lil' keg and claiming its his own. I bet he's related to the
"DeeeeTROIT! Baaaas-ket-BAAAALL!" Guy.
#4 said...
it's pathetic how you cann't foul hard anymore. it removes so much of a competitive spirit. rediculous!
It really is. Those kind of rules really tamper with the competive spirit of the game, I think. I mean, you can't drill someone like that, obviously, but if you do, you shouldn't get ejected. Hey, I'll take it though.

What do you think McDyess is doing right now? Hanging out with a ball boy? Do you think he'll ask everyone what is going on when they come in from halftime? Is he the only one in the locker room right now? Who would be in there with him when they could be out watching the game live? I wish I knew these things.

Hunter breezes by Damon Jones for 2. Can Damon Jones guard anyone? Name one player currently in the NBA you think Damon Jones could stop 3 times out of 10. And Mark Madsen would definitely score 5 times. At least.

Boobie has been awfully quiet. Last couple of games he has been aggressive as hell. It's not that he isn't scoring or whatever, he's not attacking. He's just another dude out there right now. That can't be the case, Boobie, flash a little bit of the Game 4 brilliance.

(You see what I did there? "Boobie" and "flash" in the same sentence. Ninth graders, please feel free to giggle.)

Webber tried something that I think was inspired by The Dream Shake, but it was incredibly uncoordinated and did not work at all. Stons up 8. I'm scared.

There's Boobie! Gibson comes off the pick and roll and actually attacks the rim, drawing a foul on Sheed.

We can all agree that Chris Weber is incredibly slow and disjointed right? Like when he moves, it looks painful and it makes YOU wince? Well, he just blew by Z. I mean, left Z in the dust. Not even close. Good God, Z, bend your knees or something.

Boobie finds Gooden for a short J and then Hughes comes up with a steal and finds Sasha in transition. Cavs cut it to 4. Phew. I was scared that was gonna go the other way.
Coach Gordan Bombay said...
in response to what mcdyess is doing in the locker room. one thing comes to mind....

Dean Portman after he was ejected . . . .
I love it. Mighty Ducks references will always win you points around here. Wonder if Flip Saunders threw a cardboard cut out of himself into a fire barrel before the game to motivate his team?

37-33 with just under 7 minutes to go...both teams have a shot to crack 50 in the first half. Probably won't happen, but jeez, after games 1-4, I feel like I am watching Suns/Warriors.

The Pistons are KILLING the Cavs in transition. Might be time to sit Z down for a breather. Or maybe get LeBron back in, he's only been out the entire second quarter.

And the "I bash them and they do something good" trend continues: Bron feeds Z who now has a chance for a three point play, which he converts.

Actually, I take that back; leave Z in. Detroit is depleted inside with Dean Portman ejected. Even if the Cavs give up some points in transition, let's wear them down on the inside. No one is winning this game in the first half; let's win it through attrition. I am glad I just talked myself into that strategy.

I can't believe this is a four point game. How does Detroit not come out fired up and try to bury Cleveland early? Play with a little more spark? What the hell are these guys thinking? I'd love to get inside their collective mindset. Ilgauskus has scored 7 in a row, by the way, further proof that I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about.

Cavs within 2, but Gooden picks up a cheap third foul. Can someone hold him down and shave that damn hair patch off the back of his head? I can't stand that thing. What do you think the barber's reaction was when he told him that's what he wanted?

Wow. Maxiell tried to tip dunk a missed Billups' three...he caught it in mid-air, but then as he went to dunk it, it went flying outta his hand. Kinda like in NBA Jam (Tournament Edition, of course) when your guy goes to dunk, but gets stripped before he takes off and then you have to watch your guy fly through the air without the ball. Good thing he missed, though, cuz The Palace would have gotten really loud and made it hard for the Cavs to concentrate.

Bron drives by four Pistons, scores and gets fouled to pull the game within a point. Honestly, four guys touched him. Oh, and then he finds Varejao with a pretty pass in transition. Cavs up one, 47-46. The Cavs are an offensive juggernaut.

Sager brings us back from commercial by explaining how the Cavs are going to try to not suck this third quarter. There are two guys in this tiny room on a computer, putting together a film or something that the Cavs will then use at halftime to ensure they do not suck in the third quarter, and Sager busts in on them, live. The two guys were supposed to be "working furiously," according to Sager, but I swear I saw the guys Buddy List up on the side of his computer. Those two weren't doing shit. No wonder the Cavs blow coming out of halftime. Those two guys are in a chat room! Anyone else see that?

Uh oh. Billups is starting to post up Boobie. He elevates over him, no sweat. Boobie really can't guard anyone in the post. Detroit is the first to fitty, 50-49. Seems to have motivated Boobie a little bit, though, he drives by Billups and draws a foul.

Marv informs us that Daniel Gibson is called "Boobie" because his mom thought he was too soft as a kid. Jeez, mom, what'd you call your other kids, Vag?

I was typing so I didn't see, and I am probably hallucinating, but I think Scott Pollard was just in. Can anyone confirm that?

Bron misses a tough shot in the lane to end the half. But the fact that Cleveland is only down one is stunning, at least to me, all things considered. As long as they don't turn in their usual third-quarter performance (C'mon Jimmy and Jason! Get off AIM and do something! We're all counting on you!) they should be OK.

Oh, Webber says "hopefully the Cavs will quit floppin'." Thems is fightin' words! I love how Webber is now the picture of toughness, like he is so above that. Shut the hell up, Webber. And why didn't Sags follow up on that? Isn't that what he is there for? To ask annoyingly long questions?

Back after halftime. I'm gonna IM Jimmy and and Jason and see what the second half game plan is.

Second half about to get underway. I am not remotely nervous. I am 100% confident the Cavs are going to win and I have no idea why. I have never had this feeling, ever, watching the Cavs play. I do not consider this a good thing at all.

Hey #4: Who plays worse coming out of halftime, the Cavs or our alma mater, circa 05-06?

If Bron attacks the way he did last third quarter, things will be fine. The ball just wouldn't drop for him. Ideally, I'd love to see him and Boobie get out in transition once or twice, get moving to get things started.

Or a Chauncey Billups three without passing. Either/or.

Gooden with a nice follow of a LeBron missed J keeps it within 3. I'll take it. The Cavs don't have to play awesome in the third, they just gotta keep it close.

Prince drills a wide open three to push it to an 8 point lead. Son of a bitch.

Tapping out rebounds has really reached new proportions. Gooden could have easily grabbed that last rebound, but instead he tried to tap it out, screwed it up, the Pistons got it instead and Prince drains a momentum three. Hey, if you can't get to a ball, by all means, tip it with one hand, give your squad another crack at it. But if you can grab it, you should probably just grab the damn ball.

Chris Paul in attendance...what's the connection there? Is he from Detroit? If not, who's he there to see play? And unless the game is in LA or NY, quit panning for celebs. It's sad, really. Kid Rock does not count.

Z draws a foul on Webber. This is like watching an oak tree post up a telephone pole. Good God, fellas.

The Cavs just submitted the ugliest possession of the playoffs. It involved someone dribbling of their foot (probably Hughes), Hughes pivoting nineteen times to find someone to pass to, big Z falling over and then Sasha, who is not helping me on my pregame pick, jacking a three from the right side in which his chest was facing the opposite basket. As head coach, Mike Brown's official response was to make a face like he was going to puke. Oh, wait, he always makes that face.

Man, there is just a lid on the rim for LeBron in the third. He does draw a fourth foul on Webber, though. Hey, he made a free throw! Make that two! LeBron can score in the third. I had no idea.

Rip drives and draws a foul on Z, pushes the lead to 65-58. Cavs can't let it get any higher than that.

Pavlovic drills a three. It really is uncanny: I say someone sucks, they step up.

Ah! Hughes misses LeBron by a half-second on an oop. Man, he threw that shit pretty hard off the backboard. Kerr sums it up nicely: "You can play a guy at point guard, doesn't mean he is one." I concur. Where's Boobie? I wish Flip would play Lindsey Hunter so we can put in our good offensive players who can't guard a soul.

Z picks up his fourth foul on a bullshit illegal screen call and heads to the bench. Least the Cavs can run now.

Gooden picks up an illegal D call...he looked like a catcher caught in a run down between second and third. Just make up your mind.

LeBron catches the ball on the wing, stares down the D for more then a few seconds, dribbles roughly 13 times and then scores on Prince when Detroit decides they'd rather not double team, even though Bronny was begging them to. Bron ties it on the next play at 65, finding Varejao cutting down the middle. This third quarter doesn't suck! I couldn't be more excited.

Sweet Jeebus, Tayshaun. Dude drives from the left side, went baseline, reversed it, stretched his arms out to 11 feet, and hammered it. Varejao was good enough to answer by throwing his layup attempt off the bottom of the rim. He's clutch like that. Or, as Steve Kerr would say, "unskilled." Yep. 70-65, (kinda) Bad Boys.

Boobie! God, I fuckin' love him. He drills a three to end the quarter and ties it up at 70 to end the third.

I am now officially nervous all hell.
matt said...
Okay, I haven't been reading along, but I'm sure you've noted that this 3rd isn't awful. And Danny G has the snake eyes and cold smile of a born killer. Love that guy.
Boobie really does have a great disposition, doesn't he? He has that little half-smile with his tongue kinda stickin' out...He looks like he is havin' a grand time riping your heart out. I love it.

Prince fouls Hughes on a three. Why was Larry shooting, you may be wondering? Because LeBron is on the bench, which raises the obvious question, WHY THE FUCK IS LEBRON ON THE BENCH IN THE FOURTH QUARTER!?!?! Larry misses two freebies outta three. Of course he does. Cavs up, 73-70.

Seriously, we're almost under 10. Why is LeBron not in? I can't wait to hear Mike Brown defend this with a half hour anwer after the game.

Gibson banks home a tough shot, and I couldn't agree more with
Mrs. Gibson said...
Well put, moms, well put.

Hell is watching Chris Webber play Ilgauskus one on one. I want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon. Cleveland up one, 75-74.

Hey, it took Mike Brown until the 8:34 mark, but LeBron checks back in. Mike Brown is playing this game like a chess match.

Z scores to push the Cavs lead to 3. Oh, and when I said "chess" earlier," I meant "checkers." My bad, my bad.

Back-to-back buckets from Z after Varejao sets a pick for Ilgauskus. They Cavs should sign some more guys with harder names to type.

LeBron alters Rip's shot at one end, grabs the rebounds, methodically works his way to the top of they key and sticks a J. I'm a fan. Cavs up 3, 81-78.

Sheed stuffed LeBron. Did not see that one coming at all. I really don't know how that could ever happen, I mean LeBron is so strong and everythi - oh, it was because Sheed just grabbed his left hand and didn't come anywhere near the ball. I see.

But it got the crowd into it, and Detroit is a little fired up, and Rip hits two FTs to take a one-point lead. Sweaty palms.

Rip just absolutely lost Boobie coming off a couple of screens and then passes to Sheed, who draws the foul. Man, Boobie had no freakin' idea where Rip was. Completely turned him around. Rip must practice that. Sheed knocks down 2; Pistons up 3. Need a bucket here, fellas.

No dice. Boobie misses a three and Rip nails a J at the other end. Cavs down 5. I have a sick, sick feeling right now. 3:47 left.

Son of a bitch. Sasha gets trapped and just throws the ball into the air. Gibson picks up his fifth because he can't guard anyone in the post. Man, you can just feel this one slipping away. Rip makes it a three possession game, 88-81.

I love how now all the Pistons are standing and clapping, once they think they are gonna win. They really are too cool for school.

Oh, Bron. Blows by Rip, draws the foul and scored. Can he make it a three-point play? No, but Sasha semi-redeems himself by grabbing an offensive board. Gooden will be at the line for two with a chance to cut it to three after this word from your local sponsor.

I would like to see a stat that shows the percentage of the time that players actually complete the three-point play. I feel like LeBron would rank remarkably low on this list, even though he probably leads the league in attempts. He misses that "and one" free throw all the time.

Eric Snow checking into the game. Gooden misses the first, makes the second.

Bron sticks a three. Cavs within one. Billups turns it over, LeBron snags it and Sheed has to foul him to prevent an easy dunk. Those are the two most common things in this series: Chauncey committing a turnover and LeBron doing clutch shit. (Did I say LeBron and clutch? He just missed both freebies. Daaaagger.)

Ah, blown chances. Gooden misses a five footer for the lead. Pistons ball, up 1, 54 seconds left. I'm gonna go puke.
nick collison said...
i told you i was better than drew gooden
Let's not get crazy here, Nick.

Varajao strips Sheed out of bounds and the refs award the Cavs the ball for no reason at all. Sheed actually has a right now flip out this time.

Oh my Lord. LeBron just annihilated the rim, but Chauncey sticks a dagger three to put the Pistons up 2. Oh, Mr. Big Shot.

My hands are shaking, I can't feel my legs, and I'm going cross eyed.

Wonder if Marshall will be in the game? I'm curious to see if the Cavs go big or small here?

I don't even know, but LeBron just blew by Prince like he wasn't there and dunks it. How can you get to the rim that easily this late in a game?

9.5 ticks left. I am shaking uncontrollably; I can barely type.

Billups misses a three to end the game! OT! He walks off with that shitty smile on his face, though, so I guess he's fine with it. Hey, as long as it don't bother him, don't bother me none. Snow gave him all kinda room, though. You knew he was pulling up there, too. Good things Chauncey kinda lost it there. My hands won't stop shaking.

Normally I'd say the home team is favored in OT, especially in the playoffs, but I think the Cavs have a slight advantage here, mainly because no one is coming close to stopping Bron.
#4 said...
i'm freaking out
You ain't the only one. I need one of Rip Hamiltons Nasal Oxygen Providers; I can barely breathe. My hands are still shaking.

Winner of the next 5 minutes wins this series? Fair statement?

Cavs control the tip and LeBron goes right to work. Refs hit Tayshaun with a foul and he is freaking out about it, and he might have a case, but the ball went right back to Bron and he woulda scored anyways. As it is, he hits both and the Cavs are up 2 and I am still freaking out.

Wonder if the Pistons will go zone here since LeBron is getting to the rim at will. Looks like it. What a huge play. Pavlovic gets called for an offensive foul; coulda been Webber's sixth. It was the right call, though. Damnit.
matt said...


Eric Snow is A-OK, man.

I'm gonna have a heart attack
Get in line; I'm next. And Snow has come up with some huge defensive plays in the last two games, especially late in games. Well, that's the only time he plays, but still. He's like a defensive Robert Horry.

LeBron has like 75 dunks in the last three minutes. He gets another one to tie it at 75. The rim is petrified of Bron Bron at this point.

Gooden fouls out and Varajao has to play. In this shoot-out, I don't like it. Sheed makes one, Detroit up 1 with 3 to go.

LeBron gets to the rim AGAIN. The Pistons D is useless right now; Sheed is forced to foul. Bron copies Sheed's strategy and only makes one of two. Tie game.

Wallace misses, Chris Webber of all people somehow ends up with a long rebound, and Wallace misses again. James misses at the other end, mainly because, as Kerr points out, they don't have to guard Snow OR Varejao.

Cavs get another stop, call timeout. Tie game, 1:37 left. I am seeing three TVs right now.
chris webber said...

i told you i dont flop, im not a hypocrit, i swear
I still hate you.

See Damon Jones flipping out on the Cav bench? That's me, except not even close.

Oh, Detroit is gonna be pissed. Looked like Bron pushed off Chauncey to get the ball, then may have gotten bailed out on the drive. The King gets up gingerly, too. Well, Billups flopped...but James may have gotten a star call on the drive. Looked like he tripped of his own accord. Regardless, he makes both. Cavs +2, 1:15 left.

LeBron forces Tayshaun into throwing the ball into the back court. Tay was trying to body him up, but he may as well have been shouldering a brick wall; that was one of the more futile things I have ever seen, Tayshaun trying to bang with LeBron. Really, Tayshaun? Seriously?

Man, what a fuckin' shot, LeBron. Off balance, fading, over two guys. Cavs up 4. Bron smiles as he runs back own court. Man...what a fuckin' shot. I wish I could provide better analysis than that, but...Man, what a fuckin' shot.

Marv informs us that Bron has Cleveland's last 16 points. Good God. Detroit is doing everything in its power to stop him - he is routinely scoring on three or four guys - and they just can't.

Sheed makes two free throws. 30 ticks left. Will the Pistons foul here? Probably not, but I think I'd rather have LeBron shooting two at the line than hanging from the rim, which is where he has spent the entire overtime period.

Coach Mike burns Cleveland's final time out. I agree with the TNT crew: bad use of a time out there. What, is Mike Brown drawing up a play? Just get it to LeBron and get the hell out of the way. Seems to be working so far.

Oh my. LeBron with an airball. Did not see that coming. Gotta do it on the defensive end here, fellas. Good thing you called that time out, Mike.

6.6 seconds. Crowd Billups here. DO NOT let him pull up for three. Atta boy, Eric. Snow fouls Billups on the drive; he'll go to the line for two. If this goes to two OTs, I will not make it. My heart just isn't that strong. Hell, Secretariat's heart isn't that strong.

Billups makes the first. 100-99.

Makes the second. Damn.

Coulda used that TO, eh, Coach Brown?

Either way, double OT. I'm a dead man.

100-100. This is like a freakin movie.

Collins just referred to an old playoff game that the Pistons lost as "the Brian Scalibrine game." I'm pretty sure that is not what that game is called. Someone look that up.

LeBron with a step back to give him 41. This is unreal. This is MJ/Bird/Magic/Kobe level stuff. 102-100.

Ah man. Boobie just fouled out. Guess it is for the best since Snow is a better defender and the only person shooting is LeBron anyways.

What the hell just happened? Pavlovic inexplicably decides to force the issue, misses terribly - twice! - and the Pistons go to the other end and tie it. Pavlovic misses the next time down the court, too! What the hell, Sasha! That very well could be this game's turning point! What the hell was he doing?!?!

Rip scores over Damon Jones who is on the court for no good reason and Pavlovic misses again. 104-102, Pistons. Three possessions in a row, Sasha? You take the Pistons to cover?

LeBron with a huge steal to keep it close - the man is doing everything - but this end-game lineup really needs to be explained to me. I'm baffled.

Bron goes behind his back at the top of the key and sticks it to tie the game. This is ridiculous. Tie game. 1:35 left.

Webber hits a bullshit shot, gets a bullshit continuation call on Z, Z fouls out and Webber nods his head and curls his lips like he always does this. He is the biggest choke artist of my generation and he's nodding his head like this is routine for him. Go fuck yourself, Webber. I hate you.

Damon Jones is chatting up Webber while The Big Choke Artist waits at the line. I think Damon's asking him, "Hey, do you have any idea why the hell I'm in? Yea, me either." Webber hits it to put them up three.

James answers with a ludacris three. Comes off the pick and roll at the top off the key, somehow turns the corner - barely - then elevates over two guys from the wing and buries it. Kerr finally said it: "This is Jordanesque." Game tied at 107.

Varejao can't get a shot off from a foot in front of the rim; 24 second shot clock violation. Damnit.

29 seconds left, Pistons ball. Damon Jones is mercifully out of the game...Varejao rejects Sheed! Unreal. Timeout, Cleveland. 11.4 seconds left. Game tied at 107. I will not make it.

LeBron! I don't know what else to say...I'm...I'm just speechless...LeBron all the way to the rim. Cavs up 2. Pistons ball in the front court. 2.2 seconds left. Plese, oh please, guard the three point line...Mr Big Shot misses at the buzzer! Varajo got a tiny, tiny piece of Billups' runner, I think, may have altered it, but this thing is over. Unreal.

Bron is with Sager. He looks exhausted. He said that on his game-winner, he went a little earlier than he wanted to because he saw an opening. Smart man.

Sager: "Did you know you were this good?"

Bron: "No." Don't worry about it, Bron, no one did.

48 points, 51 minutes. Something like 29 of the final 30 points. Every single big shot imaginable.

This is one of those games where you always remember where you were.

I was kind of on the tail end of the Jordan era as far as really appreciating what he was doing as he was doing it, so I have no problem saying it: this is the greatest performance of my generation.

I am losing my mind right now and I am sure that I am forgetting some of the other great performances of the last few playoffs, but that is the best I can put this thing into context. Highlights won't do this game justice, full game replays won't, either. You had to be watching this thing live to fully appreciate it. Seeing this game live was surreal. I've never watched anything quite like it.

All I can do is shake my head and marvel at the dominance, skill - hell, the art of it.

I am going to try to put this thing into context tomorrow, but right now I am going to lie down before I actually do have a heart attack.

See you Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

i think the biggest x-factor in this game is Prince. If he plays well (the little things, steals, oboards, big shots during a run) the pistons team will play better as a whole, giving chauncey a chance to get out of his josh robinson v. the juniata eagles choke performance. however, in both piston wins, prince scored a combined 9 points. this is just a gut feeling...

go bron!


matt said...

I think Reggie is getting a lot better, sorta fitting in even. He was awkward as hell at first, but now he doesn't seem to mind getting laughed at so much. Or at least he hides it better.

Anonymous said...

whenever a commentator says gravy twice in 10 seconds without any mention of Thanksgiving dinner, i am embarrased for him


#4 said...

it's pathetic how you cann't foul hard anymore. it removes so much of a competitive spirit. rediculous!

Coach Gordan Bombay said...

in response to what mcdyess is doing in the locker room. one thing comes to mind....

Dean Portman after he was ejected . . . .

#4 said...

ahhh the classic timeout and looking around thinking in your head....
..........what the fuck just happened? did that really happen? did that count?

tayshaun - - big shots during a run...and the little things...sign me up for tnt broadcasting

matt said...

Okay, I haven't been reading along, but I'm sure you've noted that this 3rd isn't awful. And Danny G has the snake eyes and cold smile of a born killer. Love that guy.

Mrs. Gibson said...


tommy mcconnell said...

nice shot bron!!!!!!!!!

nick collison said...

i told you i was better than drew gooden

#4 said...

im freaking out

matt said...


Eric Snow is A-OK, man.

I'm gonna have a heart attack.

chris webber said...

i told you i dont flop, im not a hypocrit, i swear

#4 said...

we are experiencing one of the greatest playoff performances ever and i will never forget where i was when i watch it with my children


geeeeeezus lebron, geeeeeeeezus

The Scrapper said...

what an air ball by lebron

a pissed off fan said...

fuckin knock it off sasha!!!!

chris webber said...

serisoully guys, i didnt travel, dont even say that

LBJ23 said...

i am a god

matt said...

What are we watching here?


chris jasiota said...

i am going to sleep in my lebron jersey

and prob wear it to work

and then wear it until game 6

matt said...

Good Lord.

twins15 said...

That was unreal... words do not do justice that performance by LeBron.

point 23 said...

You're not kidding.

I just typed 5,615 words about the man...and it doesn't even come close to capturing how brilliant that was. Not even a little bit.

I can't recall ever being this amped up about an individual performance. I can't even is 5:07 in the morning and I can't sleep. I just can't get over it.