Friday, March 02, 2007

Don't Read This. It Doesn't Make Any Sense.

I am pretty sure this doesn't make any sense, but I was just thinking: what if basketball was played like football and football was played like basketball?

Told ya it didn't make any sense. But what I mean is what what if instead of having fast breaks and transition and stuff, NBA teams huddled up before each play, called a set play, said "ready, break!" and then slapped hands and then tried to execute it against a defense that had made substitutions based on the personnel that the offense decided to put on the floor?

Would that be fun to watch? Would scoring go up or down?

I don't think that would be fun to watch at all and scoring would probably plummet. What a stupid idea. Think of a new, different one.

First off, transition and fast breaks are the best part about basketball. Everyone knows this. even Mike Patrick and Duke doesn't even like to fast break that much. There's a reason the Suns are called "exciting" and "fun" while the Spurs are often times referred to as "boring as shit." Second off, defenses would be able to scout teams much better stop them much more easily. I think the only group of people excited about this would be obsessive compulsive coaches who would be geeked that they get to call a play every 30 seconds.

OK, so that doesn't make sense. Well, how ' bout if there were no huddles in football? What if teams could just run whatever play they wanted without the bossy coach yelling at them and telling them what to do all the time?

This might be even stupider than basketball being played as football. No one would have any idea what was going on! Receivers would be running all over the place - I bet they would all go deep; receivers seem to like to do that from what I have seen of their kind - but the quarterback would probably have no idea where they were going and end up getting sacked because the offensive line would think it was a run. But it would never be a run because, I mean, if you were the quarterback and you could do whatever you wanted, why would you ever hand it off? Plus, the one time you tried to hand it off, the running back would probably go to the left when you thought he was going to the right and then you would never trust him again. Also, I think concussions would go up.

What a waste of time this was.

Wait! What if they played basketball or football like baseball? Actually, never mind. Just think how stupid everyone would look in those baseball caps.

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