Thursday, February 01, 2007

What is the Most Famous Play in NFL History?

I was watching a little Mike & Mike this morning and their tease heading into the break was something like "we'll be right back with the man who made arguably the most famous play in football history." So I thought to myself, sweet, it's either Montana or Dwight Clark. I mean, it's the only play I know of that's referred to simply by what happened - "The Catch." I may be more than a little biased towards the Niners and their place in history, but I really thought that was who it was going to be.

Turns out it was Franco Harris. Hard to argue with the Immaculate Reception, really. But is it the most famous play in the history of the NFL? If it isn't, what is then?

Off the top of my head...the Immaculate Reception, The Catch, The Music City Miracle, the Titans coming up a yard short against the Rams, John Elway diving and being spun around in the Super Bowl, Vinatieri's kick in the snow against Oakland, Bart Starr in the Ice Bowl, Marcus Allen's run in the Super Bowl, TO trying to kill himself, Barry Sanders spinning that guy around like four times, Joe Theisman getting his leg snapped in half by Lawrence Taylor (which I have never allowed myself to watch...I am that scared), Earl Campbell planting his helmet in that dude's chest, Norwood missing that FG against the Giants, The Fridge scoring his, I'm horrible at coming up with this stuff off the top of my head...but if its the most famous play ever in football, it should come to my head pretty quickly, right?

So what is it? Something is telling me I'm forgetting it or missing something incredibly obvious. help me out. What play gets your vote?

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kilcs said...

i'll go rapid fire too. not vinatierri's kick in the snow but brady's fumble that wasn't, some championship game run the colts vs the giants way back in the day nfl films loves it, immaculate reception is #1, the catch is probably #2, that time 3 yrs ago when muhsin muhammad had 3 tds in week 16 and that time marshall faulk had 4 tds like 3 outta 5 weeks. ha had to throw that in there