Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Trent Green Corollary

You know what I would do if I was the Texans and i was unsure if David Carr was my quarterback of the future? Or if I was the Raiders and wanted to improve Andrew Walters? Or if I was the Jaguars and needed to resolve the burgeoning quarterback debate between David Gerrard and Byron Leftwhich?

I would trade for Trent Green.

Once Trent Green is on your team, all your quarterback issues are solved. Just play Trent for a game. It doesn't even have to be a whole game. Just make sure you call as many risky pass plays as possible: Rollouts, naked boot legs, maybe throw in a few quarterback draws. The idea here is to get Trent seriously injured. Ideally, you want to knock him out for the season, but I think an extended period of time will work, too. To be safe, better get him injured for at least half the season - eight games.

Then just trot out whoever you had backing him up and presto! - you got yourself one of the top quarterbacks in the league. I really think this is fool proof.

Trent started his career in Washington. In his second season, he piloted the Skins to a 6-10 record and they obviously missed the playoffs. The following year, after his departure, Brad Johnson QB'd Washington and the Skins went 10-6 and made the second round of the playoffs while Johnson made the Pro Bowl. So far, one for one.

A few seasons later, when Trent got his knee shredded in St. Louis, his backup went on to win two MVP awards and a Super Bowl only a year or two removed from bagging groceries in Iowa. I believe you all are familiar with the Kurt Warner story.

But Trent was maybe even more impressive this season: after getting concussed on opening day, he opened the door for the unheralded Damon Huard to become one of the most productive signal callers in the NFL and have the Chiefs primed for a playoff run.

Look at that! Three for three. That really is remarkable; he's like a recyclable Wally Pipp. Judging by his track record, I'm penciling in the Chiefs for at least an appearance in the Divisional Playoffs, if not further.

This makes Herm Edwards decision painfully clear: if you want to go deep into the playoffs, stick with Trent's backup. If not, play Trent. The neat part is, Herm can't really screw this up. Well, maybe this season he can, but eventually Trent Green is going to leave Kansas City, either of his own volition or in an ambulance. It really doesn't matter; The Trent Green Corollary will hold up no matter what. The Chiefs are going to be great either now or in the very near future.

It's science.

And if you were Trent, wouldn't you tell teams this? He could make a million bucks a year for the rest of his life, bouncing from team to team, resurrecting franchise after franchise and crappy quarterback after crappy quarterback.

So why wouldn't the Texans do everything in their power to sign Trent? You got me. Hell, I'd trade for him right now. What if two teams took advantage of Trent in the same year? Could you imagine a Texans/Cheifs Super Bowl? I can.


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kilcs said...

i really can't imagine a texans/chiefs superbowl. that would not only be the two worst teams ever playing each other in the superbowl but also the first AFC v. AFC superbowl.

point23 said...

that is the power of the TGC. not even conferences are immune. you really can't stop it. like i said, it's science.