Friday, November 03, 2006

Tonight in the Association

You know what sucks about the NBA? On any given night, a team will just tank it. Completely pack it in. And you have no idea when it's coming, so betting on a random game is a complete crap shoot. Its not like the NFL where you know every time is trying its hardest to win every night. Miami couldn't even play hard on opening night for God's sake. Unless its a huge rivalry game, there's a 15% chance (maybe higher?) that Team X says "Screw it, we'll get the next one...Vin, put the bottle down - you're in!"

That said, we got a full slate of games tonight! We should drink or something. Yea, let'd do that. Onto the picks...

New Orleans at Indiana (-4.5)
NOOCH. Chris Paul vs. Jamal Tinsley. Um, you pick.

Milwaukee (-1.0) at Toronto
Milwaukee. Hey, its two teams who made an off-season trade! TJ Ford for Charlie Villanueva striaght up. I think the Bucks got the better end of the bargain, so we'll give them the nod here.

Philadelphia at Orlando (-5.5)
Orlando. Dwight Howard is the new Shaq.

Detroit (-2.5) at Boston
Boston. Can Sheed make it two-for-two? Do you believe? I believe.

New Jersey at Miami (-4.0)
New Jersey. Um, maybe if this was the playoff's last year. Miami really couldn't care less. Actually, they are so old I don't think they could care if they wanted to.

New York at Atlanta (-2.5)
Atlanta. Wow. Atlanta is favored. The team they are playing must suck...oh. The two most mismanaged teams in the last five years settle it on the court: who botched it worse? Well, only New York has their mastermind actually coaching them now. I think we found a winner.

Cleveland at San Antonio (-5.5)
Cleveland. Finals preview! I hope LeBron cracks Bruce Bowen's sternum in half.

Charlotte at Memphis (-4.0)
Charlotte. If you think I'm backing a team that a) lost to the Knicks and b) has the ugliest player in the NBA on its team,'d be wrong.

Sacramento at Chicago (-6.0)
Chicago. Ron Artest and Ben Wallace can guard eachother. The other 8 players on the court can play regular basketball.

Utah at Phoenix (-6.5)
Utah. Phoenix has to be getting a little tired, don't they?

Minnesota at Denver (-5.0)
Denver. If this really is "new Melo," he'll bounce back with a vengence. I think its new Melo.

Portland at Golden State (-8.5)
Portland. This is basically saying that Portland is far and away the worst team in the NBA, right? Over 8 point dogs to the Warriors? I hope I read that wrong or something. That's ridiculous.

Seattle at Los Angeles Lakers (-4.0)
Lakers. Is Kobe playing? Who cares? Long live Lamar!

Last night: 2-0. Season: 2-0.

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