Sunday, October 15, 2006

Week Six Picks

Yes, I am aware I am posting these picks well after most of the NFL's games for Week 6 have been completed. I realize its kinda pointless, but I want to make sure they are posted for posterity's sake.

I was away from a computer all day Saturday and have been sick as hell most of today. For what it's worth, all of this was written by Friday, I was just unable to compile it until now. So no one is cheating here - although after last week's disastrous effort, it wouldn't hurt - and if you don't believe me, well...I don't really care. I mean really: who would gothrough the trouble to cheat on one of these things anyways?

Here's the standings after Week 5:
Zero: 5-6-3
Kilcs: 5-6-3
Point23: 4-7-3
Pick em: 3-8-3

Ouch. Onto the picks...

Cincinnati (-5.5) at Tampa Bay
Zero: Bengals. No Reggie Bush punt returns will be needed this week.
Pick Em Page: Buccaneers. They are terrible, but they're getting 5.5 at home and the Bengals rush defense will have trouble with the Cadillac, which is going to result in a time of possession advantage for the Bucs.
Kilcs: Tampa Bay. I always pick the team that's better and obviously, Cincy's better than Tampa, but a lot of good teams beat a lot of mediocre teams by less than 6. That'll happen and Carson Palmer will start out on fire then remember he plays for me and fumble/throw picks for the entire 4th quarter to make it close.
Point23: Bengals. Rudi Johnson is the forgotten man in the Bengals' alleged high-powerd offense. He gets back on track today against Tampa's suspect run defense.

Tennessee at Washington (-10.5)
Zero: Titans. And I hate Vince Young.
Pick Em Page: Redskins. The Tennessee Titans offense is terrible. When a team is getting 10 points, and you don't know if they're going to score 10, how can you pick them?
Kilcs: Tennessee. Tennessee covered 19.5 against Indy, they're covering again. Running game got it going and Mark Brunell's 54 years old and you can't count on a 54 year old quarterback.
Point23: Tennessee. The Titans were able to keep it close last week against Indy and Washington's offense is so enigmatic, you can't possibly back it. Washington could very, very easily win by four touchdowns, but I have no idea what offense will show up. No one does. They are either scoring three points or 45, though.

Houston at Dallas (-13.0)
Zero: Rockets. Yao drops 30 and 14 to trump Diggler’s 28-12-7. I love this game.
Pick Em Page: Texans. 13 is too many points to work with for the league's leading passer.
Kilcs: Dallas. 13's a lotta points. Houston's been covering (i think?). But TO's due for a breakout game and David Carr's due for a stinker as Janis would say.
Point23: Dallas. Here's the classic bounce back game for Bledsoe and the Cowboys that will make things look like they are very, very OK when in fact they are very, very not.

Buffalo (-1.5) at Detroit
Zero: Buffalo. Buffalo lost 4 Super Bowls in a row. Has Detroit ever been to a Super Bowl?
Pick Em Page: Lions. Detroit's due for a win. If they don't get one, they're all gonna have on one of those weird ass faces Kenny Rogers always makes on the mound. He should be a Halloween costume.
Kilcs: Detroit. Detroit's not going winless this season and I think that this is as good a game as any to get off the schneid. The Bill's defense has some injury concerns and Martz is starting to get that offense going just a little bit, meaning Kevin Jones is getting 6 carries and the the 4th WR is catching 2 TDs a game. Martz is the devil.
Point23: Detroit. Roy Williams' 40 points are this week! I really believe this! Really!

Seattle (-3.0) at St. Louis
Zero: Rams go to 5-1 for the first time since, well, it’s been a while.
Pick Em Page: Rams. Alexander's out, Bulger's been protecting the ball (hasn't thrown an INT in has past 214 attempts), and the Rams are a different team at home (2-0 this season).
Kilcs: Seattle. St. Louis is kind of winning with smoke and mirrors I think, Green Bay and the Lions the last 2 weeks with the game still in doubt in the last minutes. Seahawks got torched their last game, had a week off to bounce back and fix mistakes.
Point23: Seattle. This game is a turning point in the season for St. Louis. Actually, its a drop off point, because STL's playoff hopes go up in smoke starting this week.

New York Giants at Atlanta (-3.0)
Zero: Atlanta. Mexico, Ron.
Pick Em Page: Falcons. The Giants cannot defend on the road. Their giving up 33 points a game away from home, and the fast track at the Georgia dome isn't going to help things out. Dunn and Vick will be too much for the Giants rush defense to handle.
Kilcs: Atlanta. Vick, Dunn and Norwood. They need a nickname. So does the defense.
Point23: Atlanta. I don't know why and I really don't care. The Giants piss me off.

Philadelphia (-3.5) at New Orleans
Zero: Saints. This is gonna be a shootout at the Superdome. I didn’t have sex with that woman, I wanted to. BAM!
Pick Em Page: Saints. Can't pass up getting 3.5 in the Superdome. Look for the Saints to connect on a few big plays down the field as they will be ready for the the Eagles middle blitz scheme.
Kilcs: Philly. I'm sold on the Eagles and D.F. McNabb until proven otherwise.
Point23: New Orleans. As much as I love Philly and Donnie Mac, I will never, ever, ever bet against the Saints in the Superdome. Like Reggie says, "That's just dumb."

Carolina at Baltimore (-3.0)

Zero: Panthers. I agree with Derek Mason, I don’t think Baltimore’s offense can score more than six points. Hey McNair, your not playing Alcorn St.’s schedule, this isn’t 14 years ago.
Pick Em Page: Ravens. Deangelo Williams is out and the Ravens hold their opponents to 2.9 yards per game against the run. Can't beat them at their house without running the football.
Kilcs: Carolina. I want to pick Carolina every time I see them for some reason, maybe dating back to the all-time season turned in by Muhsin a few years back. Not sure, but I'll probably pick them every week.
Point23: Carolina. I can't believe Baltimore is favored. Yea, the D is tight, but that O isn't doing anything against Carolina. Panthers win this one striaght up.

Miami at New York Jets (-2.5)
Zero: Miami. Only for the reason that they looked better last week and I think Isiah Thomas is coaching the Jets this week.
Pick Em Page: Dolphins. Saban's head's just gonna spontaneous combust on the field if they lose this game.
Kilcs: Miami. I don't think the Jets should be 2.5 point favorites against anyone. Except Oakland.
Point23: New York. If always betting with the Superdome is rule number one, then rule number two is always bet against the Dolphins. I can't believe Miami fans were actually clammoring for Joey Freakin' Harrington. They might be crazier than Steeler fans.

San Diego (-10.0) at San Francisco
Zero: SD. The Rivers is Wild.
Pick Em Page: 49ers. Coming off a HUGE win against the Raidas, and I'm not picking the Chargers until they wear those powder blues every Sunday.
Kilcs: San Diego. Great front 7 there in San Diego. They dominated the Steelers, why won't they dominate the Niners?
Point23: San Fran. That Frisco offense is surprisingly frisky. Garbage points get the Niners the cover.

Kansas City at Pittsburgh (-7.0)
Zero: Burgh. Although I can’t wait until Big Ted is throwin’ to Randy Moss and/or Jerry “Million Dollar Man” Porter. Let the insanity begin.
Pick Em Page: Steelers. Ben's due for a big game, Huard's due for a bad one.
Kilcs: Pittsburgh. Refer to last week. Desperate SuperBowl team needing a win. Won't lay an egg. Right?
Point23: Pittsburgh. Damon Huard: Exposed.

Oakland at Denever (-15.0)
Zero: Denver. See above.
Pick Em Page: Broncos. Raiders get "shelled" again.
Kilcs: Oakland. I can't believe I just typed that. But 15's too much in the NFL.
Point23: Denver. Mike Shannahan has had a boner since last Sunday. He'll have to emply the Boner Tuck on the sidelines all Sunday night while reveling in dismantling a pathetic Raiders team. How much do you think he'll enjoy decimating Oakland by 45? Too much, methinks.

Chicago (-11.0) at Arizona
Zero: Da Bears. Matt Leinart might not make it out of this game alive. He better give Lachey a goodbye kiss (no homo) before the game.
Pick Em Page: Cardinals. Flipped a coin on this one...isn't that like the perfect line for this game? How do they do that?
Kilcs: Chicago. Like Philly, I'm sold on Chicago. No reason to think they can't keep it up except for the law of averages. They haven't just been winning and dominating teams, they've been winning and dominating the lines.
Point23: Arizona. I'm hopping on the Matt Leinart bandwagon. I really believe him when he says "I don't know how to lose," but I'll settle for "I know how to cover."

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