Tuesday, July 04, 2006

If I Could, I'd Ruin the MLB All Star Game. Even Worse Than Selig Already Has, Believe It Or Not.

Two thoughts here:

1) What, exactly, is the point of an All-Star game?
2) If I was managing an All-Star game, I would absolutely ruin it. I'd butcher it. Fans would hate me. But I'd get home field advantage in the World Series. Please believe, believe me please.

As to the first question, I'm just curious, because I think you have to figure out what the point of the game is before you can decide how to select the players.

If the game is purely an exhibition with no consequences designed entirely to entertain fans, then you let the fans decide who plays. If the game has consequences - of any kind - then I think you have to eliminate the fan vote. Either way is fine, but you just have to pick one. It says so in my rule book.

I'm convinced MLB thought that one out backwards, or didn't think it out at all. Because their All Star game is a mixture of both. And that's no good.

Setting aside the fact that an All Star game deciding home field advantage in the World Series is probably the most inane thing in sports...wait, nevermind. You can't set that aside. I know its been beat into the ground, but just think about that for a second. What was the thought process there? Were they trying to jack up ratings? Did they want to assure themselves a spot on the Stupidest Things In Sports list, counted down by Summer Sanders? What's so hard about giving the team with the better record home field? That takes, what...no thought process?And if they are tied, you go to their inter-league record or their in-league record or something. Just pick something. Cripes.

Anyway, my point was...oh right - since the game is important, you can't let fans decide. Think how important this game is. Home field. In the World Series. Fans shouldn't decide that. If they are going to decide home field, why stop there? Let them decide everything. Let them decide every day line ups, batting order, when to hit and run. These things eventually decide home field advantage...why aren't they voting on them too?

(And besides, All Star appearances are used in Hall of Fame criteria. So now fans are deciding the HoF, too. Brilliant.)

Let's face it: fans are morons. Not all of them, but most of them. They don't use criteria in deciding who to pick, they pick guys from their favorite team (as evidenced by the entire AL roster being comprised of BoSox and Yanks).

Back to me ruining to the All-Star Game:

In an All-Star game, you want to see everyone play (that is why MLB mandates a player from every franchise on the roster, no?). But if you were a manager of an All Star team, you have a very real shot at going to the World Series. Wouldn't you take that seriously? I'd throw my best pitchers all game, play my best fielders and hitters, and screw everyone else. I'd bust my balls trying to win this game. I'd take it just as seriously as a regualr season game. HOME FIELD IN THE WORLD SERIES? Are you kidding me? I'd ruin this game for that opportunity. Do you have any idea how important that is?

Every other manager in my league would hate me - if they had good players, that is. I'd keep them in all game. If Jose Contrares is still throwing a shut out in the 7th, he's going back out for the 8th. Screw this 2 innings and done crap. And if Derek Jeter is still able to walk, he's playing all nine innings. And those cute little guys from Kansas City and Pittsburgh sitting at the end of the bench? I hope they're comfy, because they aren't getting up anytime soon. I'm not screwing around. And if a manager doesn't do it this way, what does that say about his competitiveness? He really doesn't have a choice, does he?

If I was a real reporter, I'd ask both managers about this after the game. "Um, sir? Yea..I was wondering why you didn't try as hard as possible to win? Is it because you don't think you are going to the World Series? Don't you want that advantage? Isn't that kind of important?"

Honestly, what's he going to say? I'd love to hear that explanation.

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