Thursday, June 29, 2006

NBA Draft Round Up. Yee Haw!

A few things that jump out after watching the most "volatile" (thank you, Dan Patrick) draft in recent memory...

  • Bargnani at No. 1. Yawn. He'll be OK. Morrison will be better. And just to clarify, Kilcs was the one complaining about no one being able to pronounce Bargnani's name. So now you know.
  • The Blazers....sheesh. Tired, fellas? They actually ended up doing well for themselves, but they took a really, ah...circuitious route to get there, didn't they? Did you ever see the episode of 90210 where David gets hooked on speed and he's just freaking out, running around the apartment with the music on blast, sweepering and rearranging furniuture...well, that was the Blazers this draft. The apartment looks nicer, but it sure took alot of energy to get that way.
  • Chicago...John Paxson is turning into a young Jerry West. He completely tricked the Blazers. He got his man and took the Blazers for a little ride too. And remember how I said they should gamble on Gay, since it didn't really matter who they took anyways? Well, same deal with Ty Thomas. Maybe he pans out, maybe he doesn't, but it doesn't matter. Smart move.
  • The Hawks kept their promise to Sheeeeeldon. Aaaaaaaaawwwweeee. How cute <3>
  • You know how Jerry West is the greatest GM ever? And its not even really close? Well, he got so good teams wouldn't even trade with him, because if The Logo (Greatest nickname ever, by the way. It will never, ever, ever be topped. It's impossible) wanted him, clearly he was the better player. So I think West made some dumb moves and laid low for the last couple of years, suckering everyone in, making them think he's lost his touch, then...Gay for Battier. Striaght up. Completely tricked the Rockets. Like an older brother talking his little brother into the bottom bunk. Who trades top for bottom, straight up? The Rockets, that's who. All hail The Logo.
  • Redick at 11....huh? He's really the best fit there Orlando? Who the hell is going to get him his looks? Orlando needed someone to create their own shot; not a specialist who won't even start. Dumb move.
  • Steal of the night: Quincy Douby at 19 to the Kings. Look out for Sacramento next year. I'm telling you.
  • Alright, the Knicks drafted Renaldo Balkman. Averaged less than 10 points per game. Took him at number 20. Now, before everyone piles on, this actually had some thought behind it, I think. The Knicks have more gunners than the Marines, so drafting another scorer wasn't the answer with that roster. Marcus Williams looked appealing, but he creates buckets for big guys to finish and looks for shoots to knock down. Starbury and Francis and Rose and Robinson are neither. Balkman will be an selfless energy guy who gives you whatever you need on the defensive end and hopefully on the glass. But the point don't take him at 20. You could have gotten him at 29. Or you know more than likely could have gotten him as a free agent after the draft. Draft some other pieces at 20 and 29 and trade them for future picks or something. So Marcus Williams is the better player, but not for that roster. The Knicks got a good guy, they just got him too soon. Which is about right.
  • The LeBrons got some help. Which is nice. Shannon Brown should be tough and Daniel Gibson...oh my god, someone who can shoot and drive! Does this really mean no more of Eric Snow and his huge, expressionless head? Please? Pretty Please?
  • Congrats to the Lakers for drafting Mr. Tumnus. Long live Aslan!
As for the announcuing crew...Dan Patrick was solid, and his little banter with Stern was entertaining. Bilas was OK, not great, not awful. Greg Anthony thinks he's a lot smarter than he really is and it really gets on my nerves. And Stephen A. Smith, well...what else is there to say? Freakin' joke. Shouldn't have a job.

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Zero said...

Guess who’s bizack? Yeah it’s Agent Zero (I hate to steal Gilbert’s nickname but I think we are the only two people that share the same amount of love for the number 0). Draft was boring for the most part, wish there was some bigger names moved (KG, The Answer, Al Harrington) but there is still time. Anyway, can someone clue ESPN in on the fact that Stuart Scott is unbearable doing anything. I think his head got bigger than a hot air balloon after hosting Stump the Schwab and its still that big. Listening to him interview these poor kids made you cringe every time he opened his mouth. I just wanted that insane Knick fan that almost decapitated Mark Jones during his first interview to come down and hit Stu with a blunt object. Bilas was by far the best, which is probably because he has actually seen these kids play before. What business does A and Greg Anthony have talking about these kids. They cover over a 100 games in the NBA season, so how many times do you think that they have actually seen Ronnie Brewer or even Rodney Carney play in a real game. One. Two. None. Probably the latter. I wish Dan “Pithy” Patrick and David “I Will End You” Stern would have thrown down, would have made for some good TV. With all the different trades, it would have been great if Bud Selig and Paul Tagliabue would have come out and announced a few of the picks. Everyone would have been so confused and then Stern’s WWF music could have came on and he would have come out to a huge ovation. I would have like it. If you have a chance go to YouTube and check out the video of A being heckled by the fans during the second round (Thanks Deadspin). It will be worth the eight minutes.

forward4 said...

Could we please get point23 a job on Seriouslly, the kid needs to writing for them.

POINT23 for President.