Monday, May 08, 2006

Fake Playoffs: The Quarter Finals.

Time for Round 2 of the Fake Playoffs. (The Fake Playoffs are matchups based on the premis that there is no divisions or conference in basketball. Just seed everyone one through sixteen, they giddy up!)

Something interesting to only me, probably, and frankly, I have no idea how this happened: Seven of the teams that are stil alive in the real playoffs are alive in the Fake Playoffs as well. The lone exception: the Lakers are into Round 2 of the Fake Playoffs (must not have been a 7 game series. Ba-zing!). The team that is out: the Nets, who, ironically enough, lost to the Lakers. OK, enough of that - onto the matchups!

(1) Pistons
(9) Clippers

Hell of a second round matchup, no? This has a legit chance of being a Finals matchup in the "real" playoffs.

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Who will advance: Pistons or Clippers?
Detroit Pistons L.A. Clippers

(4) Suns
(5) Heat

A slow, grind it out, typical playoff series. Both teams have excellent perimeter defenses - expect low point totals, but clinics on how to play D at the NBA level.

Who will advance: Suns or Heat?
Miami Heat
Phoenix Suns
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(3) Mavs
(6) Cavs

Nos. 2 and 3 in the MVP voting go head to head. If it comes down to better head coaches, Mike Brown is a lock. Wait - dumb looks on your face at all times is a bad thing? Oh. Better go with the other guy then.

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Who will advance: Mavs or Cavs?
Dallas Mavericks Cleveland LeBrons

(2) Spurs
(10) Lakers

Kobe is guarded by Bruce Bowen, somehow who "really makes him think out there." And doesn't clothesline him, either.

Who will advance: Lakers or Spurs?
San Antonio Spurs
L.A. Team Players
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Anonymous said...

hmm the phoenix heat or the miami suns? depends how dwayne nash does against shaquille marion.

Anonymous said...

i think my new favorite team is the Cleveland LeBrons. Also, how sick would it be to see dwaynevsnash.